An alternative to Touratech

If you are interested in getting some luggage other than Touratech, and soft, this stuff is made in Aussie (I think), anyway the prices look a lot more affordable.

They don’t have anyone selling it in NZ, but maybe they should!!!!

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The History of the BMW GS Motorbikes

Garry found these and they make interesting watching, there are three videos

History of the BMW GS


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It’s been a while…

Hi all,

I know it has been a while since anything happened here but like everyone else, other things have taken over my life.

Anyway, about to put up a couple of posts and hopefully those of you attending the BMW Rally in Cromwell next month we can all meet up and recount the past 12 months.

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Something a bit different

Over Easter, Julia and I visited Auckland in order to meet up with everyone, get away from all the aftershocks and to see the VW Combi show.  Alas, everyone in Auckland was heading down to the South Island for Easter but Alex let us stay in his and Jess’s apartment which was awesome.  Just s short skip from the Casino…but anyway this is about VW Combies…

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What is it about X Challenge Riders?

It’s seems those that ride X Challenge bikes only know one way to ride them, flat out, which generally results in this, can you guess who??

You must admit it was a very scenic place to come off and happy to say that both bike and rider were unhurt, apart from the ego.

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Auckland Rescue Helicopter Service

Dear Riders,

Firstly and foremost, a congratulations to all of you for undertaking such an ambitious journey and particularly to those of you who made it “top to toe”.

Secondly a huge thank you on behalf of all the crew, paramedics and staff here at Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, for your fundraising efforts. Fundraise-on-line have released the final donation figures and our trust has received a grand total of $5,547, a huge boost.

This year will undoubtedly be the biggest year we have faced, in terms of mission numbers, in the forty years that we have been in service. Currently we are running at a approximate cost of around $5500 per rescue mission. In light of your efforts, we would like to dedicate the below rescue mission, to the riders of the GS BMW 30th anniversary ride. Plainly speaking, as a direct result of your fundraising efforts, our crew were able to rescue a fellow rider who found himself in harms way.

20 MARCH 2011

9.52 am HLN Kaukapakapa Responded to Kaukapakapa to a bike v truck. Transported 1 x Status 3 male to ACH.

Once again a big thanks and have a safe Easter.

Kind regards

Scott Wither

Event Management & Fundraising Consultant

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

P: +64 9 950 7256 F: +64 9 950 7251

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Nigel and his boots, lest we forget!

Nigel was so proud of his boots!

On day two he polished them so they shone

He was there in spirit at the end!

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Age is no barrier and these guys prove it

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Overall Best Photo

Darren Morris entered one of his photos into a photo competition at the Taihape A&P Show and it won the distinction of Overall Best Photo, so well done Darren.

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Three Engineers!

Three engineers were in the bathroom standing at the urinals.

The first engineer finished and walked over to the sink to wash his hands. He then proceeded to dry his hands very carefully. He used paper towel after paper towel and ensured that every single spot of water on his hands was dried. Turning to the other two engineers, he said, “At Toyota, we are trained to be extremely thorough.”

The second engineer finished his task at the urinal and he proceeded to wash his hands. He used a single paper towel and made sure that he dried his hands using every available portion of the paper towel. He turned and said, “At Mercedes Benz, not only are we trained to be extremely thorough, but we are also trained to be extremely efficient.”

The third engineer finished and walked straight for the door, shouting over his shoulder, “At BMW we don’t piss on our hands.”


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